a wish

A wish. Today I have felt as though people are trying to contain me in a nice neat box.

You should do this, you should do that.

It’s not everyone, just some people. Some people are telling me to expand, take some time, look in the mirror and see what is possible in me.

Those are the people I want to spend time with right now. The ones who dream, the ones who say screw the comfort zone, what makes me come alive?

Had a conversation that got me very excited. It was a business building conversation. One of those ones that is filled with so many ideas and so many possibilities, you can barely breathe to speak the next sentence. Both of us. A constant flow of synergistic bliss. It was easy. I wanted to jump on board. Launch myself into the possibilities. I am not big on fear, I have the basic belief that everything will be ok. No matter what, there is always a place to land. I have been offered a few couches in my days. Come crash here while you rebuild your life.

What do you want to do next. So often I help others with their goals and dreams and helping them realize them. So why can’t I have that?

Feeling stuck today, and if I was really honest with myself I would bomb my life and start new.

But I’m not ready. and maybe it’s that time of the month.


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