Women, may we be them, raise them and celebrate them.

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There was a time in my middle thirties that I looked around and said I wanted more.

My mission became to lead an extraordinary life.  Whatever was more interesting was my path. Since at the time I was a stay at home Mom and was completely committed to that, I needed to lead an extraordinary life within the confines of an ordinary one.

It started innocent enough, one friend on the cul-de-sac wanted to play indoor soccer. The old me would have said no, I don’t know the rules, I have never played, that’s a kids sport. Well, not this new me.

Yes, sign me up. Oh and everyone is too chicken to play goalie, ok, I will do that too. I was kind of a kick ass goalie. Who knew?

We had set ourselves up as a team of five, mothers, most of us stay at home Moms. Interested in different things. Up for anything.

We started training for 5K’s, we took turns coming up with new things to try. Trips to plan. We named ourselves FEAT.

The Female Extraordinary Adventure Team. Our husbands’ were called MEAT. Male extraordinary adventure team when they were invited along. We went to Greek restaurants and tossed plates, went crewing on the lake nearby, hit the casino in matching t-shirts.

These ladies gave me the best birthday I have had ever in my life.

In between big events, we would often go to little things. We went and saw Calendar girls with Helen Mirren. What struck me was the opening scene, when she is guiding a group of older gals in the art of Tai Chi overlooking the English countryside. The fluid movements, the group of women, together in friendship was an overwhelming visual element for me. I was struck with how wonderful it all was.

It was my thirty-fifth birthday, my team took me to an outdoor concert in the park with subway sandwiches, blindfolded.

It was a Beatles group, not my favorite, but I was gracious for the effort. After awhile one of them said they had to go home to pick something up, run a quick errand.

Ok, weird. Let’s run an errand on my birthday in the middle of my birthday celebration.

“Really guys, with planning Big Dee’s birthday at the casino and Susan’s dancing birthday, this is what I get? Running errands?”

I went with the flow.

We arrived a the house, and all walked up the hill to a neighbors house. It was a new house that they had just moved into, we got to drool over the space. The sun was starting to set as we walked onto the back deck overlooking the valley. Beautiful oranges and yellows as the sun nestled in, a man stood down on the grass. He was wearing an outfit.

Music was playing slightly as they looked at me and said, ” We are going to do Tai Chi right here, together. ” And we did.

And it was magical.

When I think of the thought, the love and the effort those four ladies put into making my birthday one of a kind I am forever grateful.

Still, the best birthday I have ever had, and probably ever will.

Thanks Ladies, big Love.




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