I Love…

Photos 2012-2013 089

Stepping on crunchy leaves in the Fall. Watching the face of a young child when the dots connect and they read for the first time. The fragrance of a rose as you walk by. Stopping to smell it. Trying new foods. Seeing new places. Giving gifts that touch the heart. Hearing the ocean again after a long while. Avoiding the waves like a scared child. Writing your name in the sand. Finding a pussy willow tree while it is filled with the catkins. How soft they are. How they look like little baby seals. When you wake up smelling bacon. Anything with bacon. Cooked too long chocolate chip cookies. Popcorn at the movies. Watching a great movie with a friend. Being called a fairy godmother.  Watching my kids grow up. Hearing them teach little people what I taught them. Watching the night sky go by, holding hands with my love. Seeing a shooting star. Waking up after a good sleep. The perfect dinner bite of steak, mashed potatoes and crispy onions. Smelling your grandmother’s perfume and being transported back in time. Finishing a great book and feeling accomplished. Books that change you. Hugs from small children, hugs from large children. We are all children some of the time. Covered bridges found on spontaneous drives. Finding the geocache. I love knowing that there are hidden treasures around us, if only we seek them. I love brilliant photographs that speak to your soul. Imagining places you want to see. Writing. Sharing a coffee with friends. A nice Denver omelet, but skip the ham and go with bacon. Hash browns browned on both sides. Watching a spider make a web. Flying somewhere. Inventing something. Making someone smile. A wish come true. The sand in my toes. Noticing a flower everyone walks on by. Carving a pumpkin. Putting the last piece in a puzzle. When my hair cooperates. Picking the perfect outfit out for the day. When someone tells me I’m beautiful. Seeing your breath in the cold air. The sun shining through the trees. The smell after a rain. Hearing the rain on the roof. Thunder and lightning. Rainbows. Old fashioned games being played in the street. Hide and seek. A kitten that nestles into your neck. A puppy crouched over to play. Feeling appreciated.


I Love,  Love


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