feb march 127

Question of the day- What brought you to your calling?

Me, I am in the journey phase of this. Asking myself all the questions one asks when they have the time and the space to really think.

What do I like to do?

What makes me forget to eat, sleep?

What am I good at?

In my childhood what made me come alive?

All of these and so many more…

With my kids, I tried to expose them to as many different opportunities to help them find their passions.

Gymnastics, horseback riding, musical instruments, some were wanted others were mandated. I made them take a theater camp, that they didn’t want to do and they loved it and did it for three years!

Through trial and error we found some that they would carry with them through life.

In my career life, I have done many things. I used to beat myself up over that, that I couldn’t make up my mind, that I didn’t stick to anything long term.  I have changed my mindset. My early career was in caring for children, loving them and growing them. My interest in interior design came from living with a contractor mother and seeing her transform mediocre into beauty. In my later years as I ventured out into the real world again, I found myself jobs that fit within those known parameters. My defaults.

Some people know in their cell structure what they are meant to be when they grow up; some have to work at it a little more. I guess I am one of those. And so my plan is to do things that scare me, sign up for things that I haven’t done before, and grow. Figure out what feels right for me, like I did for my kids.

If I look back really far the constant thing in my life is people. I love putting people together, listening and helping brainstorm issues. Growing them, listening to their dreams and helping to make them come true.  The journey continues…




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