Grateful for the differences

Love on the journey
Love on the journey

Grateful for the differences:
A number of years ago, I became really adept at making fun of people. It was a big part of my humor. I thought it was funny to make fun of people who were fat, wore different clothes, you name it. Thankfully at the time, my two daughters were attending a school whose principal was from India and he made it his mission to appreciate the cultural differences there were in people. There was a strict zero tolerance for bullying and making fun of people. ( Thank you Mr Seagram!)

I remember there was a moment when I was being “humorous” and my Megan told me to stop. “That’s not very nice Mom, we are supposed to love everybody. Imagine how they would feel if someone said that about you?” Seriously My kids just floor me sometimes!

And I did. I just stopped. And a funny thing happened, I started to feel better, I started to accept others and see the qualities in them that made them amazing.
I started to have more time to think about what I was doing or what I could do to make the world a better place. One person at a time.
People that choose to make fun of others or “judge” them either do it to make themselves feel better or to be “funny” or above others.
What it actually does though is, it divides them from humanity.
They see only the differences and not the sameness. The struggles, the pain, the joy and how we can help each other through this crazy thing called life.
So, today, as I go and spend the day with someone I don’t know yet, who just happens to have purple hair; I am grateful for the differences and am excited to get to know her. We all have an opportunity to live and celebrate each other. Bring on the Love.

* Met the Lady with the Purple hair- She’s fabulous ❤



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