Sorry, no picture for this excerpt right now. My laptop is on the fritz.

This was given to me by my Uncle Harry, it was part of something that we were writing before he died. I am not sure if he is the author of the list or not. But here goes:

Sitting back in his ergonomically designed executive chair, Chase spotted the “responsibility” list mounted on the wall. The framed list was one of the few items he carried to Nevada when he came West. He couldn’t recall where he had obtained the list. Maybe it came from his father before his death. Maybe not. The list was titled: IT IS NEVER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO:

1. Give what you really don’t want to give

2. Sacrifice your integrity to anyone

3.Do more than you have time to do

4. Drain your strength for others

5. Listen to unwise counsel

6. Retain an unfair relationship

7. Be anyone but exactly who you are

8. Conform to unreasonable demands

9.Be 100% perfect

10. Follow the crowd

11. Put up with intolerable situations

12. Please unpleasant people

13. Bear the burden of another’s misbehavior

14. Do something that you cannot really do

15. Love unlovable people

16. Endure your own negative thoughts

17. Feel guilty toward your own inner desires

18. Submit to overbearing conditions

19. Apologize for being yourself

20. Meekly let life pass you by

This list was incorporated into a novel I had started with my Uncle Harry Hampton Howe back in 1996. We took turns writing chapters of a mystery that I had a dream about and then we built the story together.

At the time I was a young Mom with a daughter who was 3 years old. I was busy and our shared writing suffered. He sent me an outline and this passage before I took a break. We never finished our novel as he has been dead now for about 10 years. I believe that this excerpt was a gift to me, he wanted me to know these things going forward. Today as my oldest daughter is now twenty, I want her to know these things too.

Megan- Be you. And don’t put up with any grief. Big Love ❤ Mom


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